Eric Scott Barr

Creating custom solutions with over a decade experience developing both enterprise and open source software. Experience building solutions from the ground up in industry standard languages such as C++, C#, and PHP, as well as adapting off-the-shelf or pre-existing software to meet customer needs. An expert at interpreting customer requirements to provide the best possible solutions.


  • Experience with advanced programming concepts such as multithreading/concurrency, TCP/UDP network layers, and data analysis.
  • Developed a wide range of applications for desktop, command line and web.
  • Proficient in bridging existing offline enterprise software and web based reporting tools.

Technical Skills

LanguagesC++, C#, PHP, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Java, MySQL
Libraries and FrameworksBoost, Qt, SDL2, Berkeley sockets, OpenGL, Symfony, Magento, jQuery
ConceptsOOP, Agile Development, TCP/IP socket programming, Concurrency
DatabasesMySQL, Oracle

Career Highlights and Achievements

Data Science Consultant (Banjo/IDEX, Crawfordsville, IN) - 2014-present

  • Bridge existing ERP software with web based interface

Open Source Developer (Spira Code LLC, Mesa, AZ) - 2006-present

  • Responsible for over 2 million lines of open source code over more than 2500 commits
  • Managed tens of developers and thousands of commits to open source projects
  • Created custom lex/yacc parser to compile custom scripting language to Java
  • Reverse engineered missing server components to enable marketplace for an MMO game server

GitHub Open Source Repositories: https://github.com/apathyboy

Server Admin/Solution Developer (Sub6 Ltd, London, UK) - 2005-2020

  • Oversee hundreds of company/client servers
  • Created management software for managing servers and software version tracking
  • Maintain Linux and cPanel/WHM hosting environments


Bachelor’s degree - Mesa Community College/University of Phoenix - In Progress (2014-present)

  • Currently maintaining 4.0 GPA
  • 1st place in division for AMATYC math contest